The need to appreciate quality design!

In the world of design today, there are basically two kinds of people, those who appreciate design and understand the process behind them, and therefore embrace designs beyond just the aesthetics, and we have those who are not moved by the process or thinking behind them, they’re strictly interested in the faux beauty of the design and not even in their functionality.

There are basically two kinds of people, those who appreciate design, and those who don't. Click To Tweet

Over the years’ man has evolved in both the design thinking, conceptualization, and application, to the point where interests in the process should be more embraced due to the level of dedication attached its growth and subsequently its functionality in our everyday life.

Citing an example with a story of two clients who were colleagues who needed visuals for a conference that was meant to draw the attention of a specific crowd and at the same time while achieving the purpose of informing the general populace about the upcoming event.

In the process of meeting and discussing with the clients and getting all the necessary information about their event from them, we got talking about the relevance and place of the design, towards the success of the conference and its influence on the income stream from the total registered attendees, one of the clients displayed little or no insight and understanding of the importance of the service they sought towards the event, and was more bothered by the availability of a catchy design just for publicity sake and the cost of the design.

On the other hand, his colleague who happened to have more knowledge of designs and experience in conference planning understood its importance.

Fast track to the delivery day, Client A, who had put up a resistance initially during the planning process was not satisfied with the designs delivered because according to him it seemed too simple, which in actual sense was a  minimalistic design but after being exposed to countless numbers of bad designs by amateur designs it was understandable for A to come from that direction, he preferred the usual bombarded designs with lots of unnecessary effects which derail the attention of the viewer, because they go against all the design principles which go in line with design and their effect on the psychology of man, now it wasn’t wrong for the client to make requests and corrections but, in the real sense, no appreciation was given to the work set before him which would have taken a lot of time, mental energy, and skill application.

Client B, on the other hand understood the approach taken and with a bit of enlightenment, the lower cost implication on printing and the ease of influence on the desired crowd, so he was a bit more appreciative.

Design is a highly creative niche which has a place in all areas of life, and it will stay forever, so far the creative instinct still exists deep within man, the design process and principle application involved in design solutions should be highly appreciated, it may not be the renown medicine of old or the engineering most people look up to, but it can’t be denied its place at the table.

Design is a highly creative niche, which has a place in all areas of life, and it will stay forever. Click To Tweet

More appreciation is needed when you come across better designs or if it happens that you have been offered a better service for the value of your money.

Appreciation, encourages those involved in any endeavor whatsoever, to work harder, and fully develop themselves because they know to some extent their services would be appreciated by those they offer the service to.


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