Todun Consulting is a registered Canadian Education and Immigration Consulting Outfit. They also offer HR Consulting services to startup organizations.

They needed to optimize their service outlook, so we offered them full service branding, from the conceptualization of their brand identity to the total branding package.

We further crafted icons that uniquely represent the four main services they offer, in accordance to the brand identity specification.

The process exposed us to full research on the delivery scope of agencies in their line of work, which brought us to the afirmation that their services could be encapsulated in a journey to a destination, which is a process. So we worked with the Todun Consulting Team to develop a brand identity and website, and their brand message was enough motivation for us to pattern their identity towards the cycle of the Earth and Venus around the Sun, “A journey to achieve your goals based on trust”.

Then, we decided to apply the brand elements on real life materials, in order to specify and present their visual Identity in accordance to the brand specification.

As required by them, we also created a simple, yet functional website. And within the short period of launching the website, It has helped them attract more customers and record higher yield.

In conclusion, we are delighted to know that this project is a success in the sense that the Brand Identity  and Website Design  have helped elevate Todun Consulting as a Brand/Organization, and in turn given them an edge in their niche market, also, most importantly have created an avenue for better customer experience/satisfaction, which eventually is resulting in high yield.

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