Femi Fragile is the pen name for a Nigerian based writer and chef, Olufemi Olusegun. Femi (In Yoruba) when translated literally to English means “Love Me” hence the basis of the heart shaped mark.

As a writer, Femi posts on his blog, rich literature content in proses that tend towards romance and matters of the heart, reinforcing the concept of the heart shaped mark.

Also, as a chef, Femi uses vegetables and organic spices for his grills and meals, as he employs a very creative approach to his cooking, hence the leaf form, to depict his fresh natural style.

We were able to help craft a  brand Identity for Femi, one which resonates the height of his creativity.

We also explored various visual presentations, in order to further establish the quality and relevance of the Brand Identity.

Femi Fragile’s blog has gained a lot of following, as a result of the great appeal that comes with his Brand Identity which is reflected through every visual content he shares. Also, Femi’s “Grills and Meal” has recorded greater yield as a result of the quick trust the Brand Identity earns it with customers, as well as lasting cutomer loyalty.

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