In my last post, I started off on a rather negative note and to that, I apologize, I got carried away in spelling out the cons before the pros, and putting the proverbial cart before the donkey.

Graphic Design has changed the face of the world as we know it with the rise of capitalism and industrialization and the fall of socialism.

But it all started in the Victorian era(the late 1800s to the early 1900s) when machines started getting advanced enough to mass produce hundreds of items in hours. These were tasks that took a lot of humans days to accomplish. Mrs. Sule Egbira could now make pottery faster and have more merchandise to sell while her competition; Mrs. Toyin Tomato still uses her hands to carve wet clay to make plates. But soon enough Mrs. Tomato could afford to get her own automated pottery machines after months of nagging to her husband Mr. Tola Tomato to set her up. Not before long, every Tom, Dick, and Tomato had the same type of dishes and kitchenware to sell. Every sweater knitter now had machines to make cotton into cloth and the streets were filled with more of the same thing.

No distinction.

No uniqueness.

No creativity.

This was a problem.

And as all good problems go, a great design solution is all it takes to wave the magic wand and make existing problems disappear.

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Our dear Mrs. Sule the wife of Egbira had a few problems.

  1.  She needed her customers to be able to recognize her own dishes and buy them and not Mrs. Tomato’s.
  2.  She needed to make people who didn’t even use dishes and were still into eating out of a calabash aware that Egbira Dishes are the bomb(The beginning of Terror)!
  3.  She needed to be able to convince Mrs. Tomato’s customers that her dishes were more beautiful, more durable, and even made food taste better(even if it’s burnt).

Luckily for Mrs. Egbira as God would have it, the printing press had been invented not too long ago and newspapers were the order of the day.

She spoke to somebody(a great thinker and problem solver) and explained her problems and how Mrs. Tomato had been laughing to the bank while all she did was giggle. She told him that it was probably because Mrs. Tomato’s shop was next to the main road and more people could see her wares and that was why she was selling more. She even believed that it was because Mr. Tomato had connections with people at the top that was why people were patronizing his wife. She even told him that she suspected that Mrs. Tomato was a witch and she was selling more because she had diabolical powers.

The problem solver (aka Mr. Love the Designer) laughed at the idea of Mrs. Tomato using spiritual powers to influence market sales and promised Mrs. Egbira that he’ll come up with a solution. After 3 days and 3 nights of thinking, Mr. Love setup a meeting with Mrs. Egbira and requested to see her dishes. He had already taken it upon himself and gone round all other dish shops to buy a piece of dish from every other competitor and brought them all to the meeting. After collecting a sample of Mrs. Egbira’s dishes, he put it in the bag where he had the other dishes and asked her to close her eyes. After she did, he arranged all the dishes on the table alongside hers and asked her to open her eyes and pick out which one was hers. Of course, only Mr. Love knew which ones were which. All the dishes looked the same, and out of a gamble, Mrs. Egbira picked Mrs. Tomato’s dish.

How sad.

She just patronized her “enemy”!

The spiritual powers were at work right?

The problem was that all the dishes were the same brown color and roughly the same size. What are the odds?

Mr. Love then presented his proposed solution to her.

  1. He suggested that they create a unique mark and place it under her plates.
  2. He suggested that she should mix the dye with her clay to produce distinct colors after production.
  3. He suggested that since her husband had a printing press, he should make posters that showed the created unique mark on her plates and declare them as the best in all of the land.
  4. He suggested that she should make a variety of plates with different sizes and beautiful colors and artwork all with the same mark.
  5. He also suggested that the poster created should also be displayed on the last page of the newspapers her husband printed.
  6. He suggested that on the poster, the following caption should be added: “EGBIRA DISHES! THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DISHES IN THE WORLD! SO BEAUTIFUL THEY ALMOST MAKE SOUR FOOD TASTE GOOD!”

Mrs. Egbira listened to Mr. Love’s counsel and paid him handsomely for his “thinking services” and also for helping her come up with a mark that was easy to recognize.

She followed the proposal to the letter, started mass production of the colorful dishes and put out the Posters and Newspaper ads.

Profits soared! Sales came! The products were amazing! They were something nobody else had seen before! They were beautiful! There was nothing else like them! They really made sour food taste good!

Demand became so high that the company’s staff doubled in 2 months. A bigger factory was built to sustain the demand and soon, the colored plates were all that were on the market as distributors were on every corner street. Nobody wanted to use plain dishes anymore. Ripoffs started coming up and tried to replicate the famous coloring artwork process and the now famous mark in order to sell too. It just made them stronger has Egbira Dishes were now a household name literally!


Mrs. Tomato went bankrupt and couldn’t laugh anymore.

Sad ending for her, happy ending for Mrs. Sule Egbira.


I know you wish you could ask Mr. Love for some advice too right? If only he were still alive…

Maybe he is… Maybe he’s the one writing this post…

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