Your Business may thrive without a website, but it can thrive better with a website, and even better, with a professional website!

We are in the year 2017, when virtually everything runs on the internet, and an increasing percentage of people now practically live there. The internet has now become the meeting point for all kinds of people, and all kinds of activities, such as buying & selling, training, networking, entertainment (not leaving behind memes and funny skits, lol), path finding, love playground, etc. In this age and time, your business cannot afford not to be online. Click To Tweet

Which is why the internet has become more than a gold mine for any business in this age, yes, a huge chunk of money is made on the internet per second, now I’m guessing you want to know how to get your share of that.

Your Business may thrive without a website, but it can thrive better with a professional website! Click To Tweet

This brings us to “Why your Business needs to be online; and how a Professional website can help grow your business”, be it an existing one, or an idea you are just building on.

So, what is a website? to start with. Or ?


In simple terms, a website is a location on the internet, with a custom address, containing information about any, or all of the following,

  1. who you are/ your business,
  2. what you do/ what your business does/ what products or services you offer,
  3. how you do what you do/ your business operations,
  4. how you can be reached,
  5. and every other information you intend to let out to your audience.

Note: All blogs are websites, but not all websites are blogs, though a typical website is different from a blog. I will further explain this in a subsequent post.

A website is a location on the internet, with a custom address, containing information about your Business. Click To Tweet

With that stated, why does your Business need a website?

Before I proceed, did you know that the world population as at June 2017 is 7,519,028,970, (7.5 billion+), and 3,835,498,274 (3.8 billion+) among them are active Internet users (you can get that through Google)? Isn’t that just amazing? imagine what the Statistics will look like in a few years, and isn’t it obvious already?

The answer is really simple, though the list is long, I will highlight the reasons briefly(Reasons why you/ your business need a website),


  1. So that your business can be easily accessible to more people (clients/customers).
  2. So that you can express your business’ Values, Goals, and Vision better.
  3. So that you can reach out to more people (Note: there is a clear difference between being accessible, and having a large audience to reach out to, though they are interwoven).
  4. So that you or your business can make more Money(Profit) in the process, though you can claim to be after Value and Impact, well, it’s the same language.
  5. So that you can tell your story.Your business needs an online presence to make more Money! Click To Tweet

(I will further explain these reasons in detail, in the next post on this series).

It has been proven over time, the massive impact a website has on business growth in the 21st Century, be it a large scale or small scale business.

Take Mr. John for instance, he sells Garri in his Town of 500 houses, 200 of them are occupied by the elite, who prefer to get their foodstuff from the market, or even at the mall, because they believe it is easier, better, and safer for them, as they can trust the quality, and they are loyal to the market/mall.  Now, Mr. John’s audience is reduced to 300, which he will have to work hard to convince and retain as customers, meaning that his efforts are mainly on just the 300, or at most 500 houses, and by that, his profit is limited to the consumption of Garri in his town.

Now, consider Mr. Corporate Garri, who runs an online store for his Garri business, he even went to the extent of creating a face for his brand and business, and over time gained an audience not limited by location, because his store is open to anyone and everyone around the world, at the end of the day, it comes as no surprise when Mr. Corporate Garri’s profit comes in multiples of Mr. John’s, despite the fact that Mr. Corporate Garri is required to spend more on setting up an online presence, and pushing out content in various forms.

It is simple, and as said earlier, your Business may thrive without a website (online presence), but it can thrive better with a website, and even better with a professional website!

In the next post on this series, I will further explain why you need not just a website, or mere online presence, but a Professional (Outstanding) Website.

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