Ultimate Glance is a registered Public Relations, Travel, and Communication Agency based in Paris. As a PR and Communication agency they analyze organizations, get feedback, find messages, and translate those messages into positive media stories. They also organize travel tours, which help people see the world. They had been in existence for quite a while, but needed a new Identity, so we were contacted to rebrand them.

.. So, we developed a new brand identity for them, one we developed around their old “eye” logo, but now simplistic, with the single stroke forming the iconic mark, and on a closer look depicting a “G” in the center “glance” which means “looking quickly”.

The brand colour is Burgundy, which passes a message on strong willed strategy, being on a mission, and conquering threatening issues.

We explored anumber of visuals, in order to educate, and  further convince the client on the application of the new brand Identity design.

The new brand identity is easy on the eye, easily recognisable, and with the choice of colour, aesthetically comforting!

In conclusion, we were required to give them a 360-degree redirection from their previous brand identity, which would, in turn, attract more clients and improve their turn over as a company. And that was exactly what we delivered, through our dedication to excellence and rapt attention to detail. We are delighted to tell that the Agency was pleased with our delivery, also, the rebrand has helped them achieve their several goals, and they have remained loyal customers.

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