Moiste is a specialised female lingerie and sex accessories line, it started out of the desire to help females embrace their sexuality and express themselves with class.

They offer a  range of other products which include fashion “usables” e.t.c. Their dream is to help couples and people in relationships, young and old, to explore their sexuality while developing stronger bonds in the process.

They contacted us to develop a unique visual identity for their brand. We approached this by understanding what Moiste as a brand is about, their value proposition, and brand promise. These influenced the choice of colours Black and Orange, with  black depicting “boldness”, and Orange depicting “attraction and stimulation”, it is also a mildly hot colour. This is a pointer to the fact that a woman can be confident in her sexuality, and is basically what the brandmark says.

Once we were sure we had captured Moiste’s brand essence, we worked with Moiste to create visuals that could be used digitally and on print sufaces, to spread the brand’s message. This includes developing digital marketing strategies, collaterals, signage and corporate stationery.

They are basically an online store, and they run deliveries based on orders, but have the goal of expanding into physical stores nationwide in the near future.

We enjoyed working with the Moiste team every step of the way, as they were very friendly and easy to work with, this helped us understand them better and in turn deliver beyond expectation. From feedback, the brand Identity design we created for Moiste has not just placed them ahead, but has also created an easy path for them into their niche market. The Moiste Team was pleased, and have since been loyal customers.

Moiste strongly advocates for women to experience the thrill of being confident about their sexuality, something their various line of lingerie and accessories provide. As she journeys through the various stages of life, from youth to motherhood, and thereafter, every woman should be confident of their bodies.

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